Artec Aqua AS, founded in 2002.


Our head office is in Ålesund, and we have a branch office at Sømma in Nordland.

Artec Aqua was founded in 2002 by Bjørn Finnøy, Bjørnar Flem and Victor Fiveland.

The three founders have remained with the company since it started, and they now hold the positions of Sales Manager, Product Manager and Project Manager, respectively. The founders still own 100% of the company.

Head office in Breivika in Ålesund

Address: Lerstadvegen 517, NO-6018 Ålesund.

Tel.: +47 70 13 54 00

Visit us: Fly to Ålesund Airport Vigra. Then take the bus to Moa Trafikkstasjon and from there it is a five-minute taxi ride to our premises. Or we can pick you up at Ålesund Airport Vigra.