Optimised tank environment

We are specialists when it comes to water treatment and tank hydraulics. High water quality and optimal tank hydraulics are crucial factors for a good tank environment – which, in turn, is fundamental for good fish health and profitability. Our facilities are state-of-the-art in this area, and we are working continuously to optimise and develop the technology.

Less risk of infection through ­purification of the intake water
Effective temperature regulation
Constant measurement of water parameters
Effective removal of N2 and CO2
Good distribution of fish in the tank

Flexible solutions

Not restricted to a specific technology. We supply facilities equipped with flowthrough, hybrid and RAS technologies. Our advice on the best technical solution in each case is therefore entirely impartial. Often, the best ­solution will be a combination of several technologies – based on the available water resources.

‘For us, smart design is about being able to deliver a complete package, where buildings and equipment are fully integrated and provide optimal living conditions for fish growth.’

Space-saving design

Bespoke and space-saving facilities. Our extensive ­experience of supplying turnkey onshore aquaculture ­facilities means we can optimise the use of space, without compromising fish health or the working environment.

Easy maintenance

For us, planning for easy maintenance is an integral and important ­aspect of any project. From the very early design phase, our focus is to create a facility that contains functional and carefully considered solutions.

  • 3D modelling of the facility means we can incorporate sufficient space to access components during maintenance.
  • All surfaces are treated to facilitate effective and easy cleaning.
  • Clean in place (CIP) loops simplify cleaning and chemicals handling in connection with washing and disinfection.

Operational reliability

Our facilities have a control centre that constantly monitors production parameters and warns if they exceed normal levels. At Artec Aqua, we use only tried and tested components, and as a turnkey supplier, we know what is needed to ensure that all the facility’s different systems work together seamlessly.