A turnkey supplier

for onshore aquaculture

Artec Aqua is your partner all the way from pre-project to completed facility. We deliver products and systems for flow through, regeneration and recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS).


Good product and process solutions are important. In addition to self-developed products, we have competent sub-suppliers who complement our product range.

System solutions

We supply flow through, regeneration and RAS. 

Turnkey facilities

We have the knowledge and experience required to undertake turnkey projects for onshore aquaculture.


Turnkey facilities

Our organisation is equipped to
handle turnkey projects.

1 Design and budgeting

Artec Aqua has in-depth knowledge of production planning and system optimisation. We have designed several of Norway's most modern facilities for salmon smolt and broodstock. Our extensive experience of repair and newbuild work enables us to draw up good budgets.

2 Project management

Our project administration consists of project managers and a project secretary. We use external partners for site management, building and construction. We have extensive experience of different turnkey projects and technical installations in onshore aquaculture.

3 Turnkey delivery

We offer a wide range of products that meet the needs of clients with strict quality and functional requirements. For building and construction work, we are happy to organise competitive tendering among relevant suppliers based on the location of the construction site. Agreed mark-ups and an 'open book' policy are often the chosen solutions between our company and the client.

Balanced contracts

We have competence and experience in most types of contracts regulated by Norwegian standards. We adapt our contracts to meet clients' wishes  regarding liability and division of risk.

We have good experience of projects that are based on partnership agreements. They provide the best basis for improving the project as it progresses and do not tie the parties to the solutions that were agreed when the contract was signed. This provides the best possible basis for an open and good dialogue between the client and contractor throughout the project period.


Good relations and good cooperation

It is a clear goal for Artec Aqua that we continue to enjoy good relations with our clients after completion of delivery. Our follow-up does not end when the project has been commissioned and handed over.

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System solutions

We supply customised solutions for flow through, regeneration and recirculation systems.

Good functionality, high dependability and optimised production are important parameters regardless of whether it is a flow through, regeneration or RAS. We can ensure quality throughout.

Flow through

A flow through system is often preferred where there is an abundance of water, and it is probably the safest production method that we know of in regions with low disease risk. The method is often combined with solutions for regenerating the water.


Regeneration systems are a suitable solution for farming salmon and trout. This solution is often used where water resources are a limiting factor, or for new facilities where low investment costs and high flexibility are desired. Up to 50% regeneration is common.

Recirculation – RAS

Artec Aqua has developed a recirculation technology adapted to the stringent requirements that apply to Norwegian aquaculture. Our concept for recirculation has been tested and documented by the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA). 

Measurements show that the water quality is surprisingly good.


A driver of product development

Optimised processes and high dependability are important focus areas in our product development.

Our development department has been working for years to improve products and processes. This has resulted in products such as the RAS module Multistep MB, VariOx, VarioStreamer, SaturOx, DeGasso and FishTrap.


If you would like more information, please contact:

Ingegjerd Eidsvik


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Bjørn Finnøy

Sales Manager

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Design Manager

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